free babes handmade || review and giveaway


I know moms sometimes get a little grief for admitting it, but I love having a little girl. While I was both excited and thankful to be pregnant, I always pictured myself with a daughter and was over-the-moon when the doctor confirmed the baby was, in fact, a girl.

From that moment on, I started collecting girly things, like bows and tiny dresses…but mostly bows. Now that my little love is getting bigger (sigh…), she will point to her hair after we get dressed and ask for her bow. She can’t talk yet, but she’s definitely letting me know that I better not forget that important accessory.

So let me tell you about Free Babes Handmade and their gorgeous bows and headbands. Hillary, the mama behind Free Babes, started designing bows for her first daughter, Adeline, and focused on classic styles that would allow her little one to showcase her individuality. She uses fabric of exceptional quality, including Liberty of London prints and many collaborations with other small businesses. Her styles inspire adventure and I am happy to recommend Free Babes to all the little girls out there. Check them out here.

I am thrilled to team up with Free Babes Handmade to giveaway a $50 store credit for some adorable goodies! Head on over to my Instagram account to enter!


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